Delhi – Day 1

Now, this is different. I thought that travelling Vietnam had prepared me for the intensity and energy of Asia but Delhi certainly adds another dimension with regards to smells, sounds and colors. It is simply amazing and I am blessed to be shown around by our colleagues here – what an honor and a treat. So it’s a strange mixture between feeling like a tourist and a colleague who just is in town for today’s meeting…


Delhi (work) Day 1


Good morning, Delhi. Well, so far it’s been the airport (heavy security) and the hotel (heavy security). And, of course the Cafe of the hotel – the kind of place that looks re-assuringly similar all over the world.

Day 15 – Hanoi last day

Usually the last day is the day for summing up, reflecting on the journey and such „David Copperfield kind of crap“ (quote, unquote…). All I can say (and I will say more when we meet) is: I have the best (travelling) companion you could possibly wish for. How blessed I am. And in general.

What an amazing journey this has been. May it continue.


Day 14 – Hanoi West Lake


To start the day we thought to pay „Uncle Ho“ a visit. Closed for the day.

The original idea was to rent bicycles from „The Hanoi Bicycle Collective“  cycle around the lake (17 km) but when we got to the part of the lake where their office was supposed to be we a) didn’t find the location and b) found the area not too appealing. The „let’s just walk a few meters and see what we’ll find“ turned into a really nice 20k stroll during which we saw everything: people swimming in the lake, men fishing, lots of rubbish and beautiful colonial villas.
Maybe I should mention that I found the one place in Hanoi where you can buy a decent cigar for less than an average person’s monthly salary…

Day 13 – Hanoi 3

This time a young aspiring student of German: this time we did more of the talking and our guide was extremely well informed and had lots of questions. The issue of the refugees has certainly reached Vietnam as a relevant subject.

In the afternoon – not exactly a jolly – we visited the Hoa Lo prison, a.k.a the „Hanoi Hilton“… Dark chapters, of which every nation seems to have at least one.